WHAT? Chloe Khan says she didn’t fancy CBB’s Bear

Coulda fooled us, Chlo

Stephen Bear

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Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear successfully delivered us the weirdest / grossest / most confusing / WTF / cutest / eww relationship in Celebrity Big Brother history.

Chloe Khan Celebrity Big Brother

We had mixed emotions about it, basically.

They weren't quite our #relationshipgoals, but they were bloody good tele.

They were cruelly ripped apart when Chloe was evicted last Friday, and aside from saying that she LOVES HIM, she has since made a shocking revelation about their relationship.

While speaking on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side last night, she confessed that she DIDN'T EVEN FANCY HIM when she first met him.

Maybe she had her eye on Lewis Bloor ;).

It certainly wasn't Heavy D.

She told Rylan Clark-Neal: "I can't even remember him being in the house for the first couple of days. I didn't fancy him at all at first. So nobody is more surprised than I am by everything that's happened."

So not quite Romeo and Juliet, then.

They kissed that comparison goodbye that time in the toilet, actually, let's be real.

But she then revealed that when she got to know Bear, she thought: "Wow, I really like this guy!"

Chloe yesterday appeared on This Morning to discuss her time in the house, where she was interrogated by a really pretty patronising Eamonn Holmes – who was of the opinion that she shouldn't have got her boobs out.

Chloe khan
Chloe khan

Ruth Surname asked her if she loved Bear. She replied: “I love him as a person.”


Less cute, though, was Ruth and Eamonn's interview style, which many on Twitter noted was a little unreasonable.

Ruth repeatedly asked her what her family would think about her antics in the house.

Chloe replied: "When you’re in there for a while you forget cameras are there. It's not like living at home with your family and people who're close to you. It's like being at a big party with a bunch of friends. It's not like a homely environment.

"Because I’ve done Playboy and I’ve gone glamour, I’m very good at keeping my work life and my home life very separate and more of a job than family life.”

Which is literally very, very fair.

Eamonn Holmes also attacked her for taking her clothes off, which really aggravated us – seriously, it is 2016 GET OVER IT.

"To be fair to myself, I think people have been a lot more fully nude in the house and not got the flack for it. I’ve got the flack for it.”

Good point – we have seen Lewis Bloor’s peen SO MANY TIMES.


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