Is Chloe Sims’ cryptic Instagram post a DIG at Megan McKenna?


by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Oh, TOWIE. Will any of the cast ever take advice from the rainbow cake girl in Mean Girls and calm TF down? Does anyone in Essex EVER have a dramz-free relationship? And is there ANYONE fiestier than Megan McKenna?

Mmm, probs not.

Over the last few weeks we’ve watched from behind our fingers as Megan and Pete 'The Pirate' Wick’s relationship has broken down in spectacular fashion.

pete wicks

This week, we watched the most DRAMZ fight between the former couple as Meg got so in Pete’s face it looked like she could have bitten his nose clean off. They fought for a good while before the cameras had to be turned off as it exploded IRL.

But one of the biggest issues between them at the moment is Pete’s relationship with co-star Chloe Sims. The pair have been friends for aaaages, but when pics emerged of them looking pretty cosy recently Megs was NOT a happy bunny.

So when Chloe left this rather cutting Instagram post to set the record straight and deny that anything was going on with her and Pete, many felt that she could be raising a totally pass agg eyebrow at Megan.

"I don’t know how to put this nicely. So I won’t," the pic says, prefacing a lengthy comment about the stick she’s getting for her role in the whole Pegan drama.

"Before you decide to send me abuse bare in mind that it's not always as it seems... if I feel strongly about something I will always have a good reason for that. As far as @p_wicks01 goes he's one of my best friends and a work colleague and that's where it ends! I have no romantic interest in him. We all defend our friends in hard times that's human nature!!!" Chloe wrote.

megan mckenna

And THEN comes the kicker which many believe is aimed at Megan.

"It's extremely disappointing that certain people have tried to make it look like anything more, when all involved know full well were just friends! I'm no one scapegoat."

So, er, glad we cleared that up and stopped with the pass-agg business then...

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