Chloe Sims regrets surgery – for THIS unusual reason

Is this a thing?

Chloe Sims

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Chloe Sims has an absolutely BANGIN’ bod. And since she first appeared in The Only Way Is Essex as the ‘ex-Playboy model’, she’s been an amazing shoulder to cry on as well as a champion for the girls who need that bitta oomph when it comes to body confidence.


However, she’s recently come out to talk about her own body hang-ups, and one in particular stems from her foray into plastic surgery.

Now, in this day and age, a celebrity getting plastic surgery is no big deal. Everyone and their nan has probably dabbled with lip fillers thanks to Kylie Jenner.

So the fact that the TOWIE girls have been refreshingly honest about going under the knife lately is AWESOME. While Lauren Goodger has undergone a huge transformation since the show started, she recently admitted to removing her lip fillers. Megan McKenna has also come clean about changing her look, and Ferne McCann has just gone public about her nose job.

And now Chloe has opened up about her own surgery regrets, in particular one that lies in the lady lumps region.

But it’s probs not what you’re thinking, because we’re not sure anyone has thought this except Chlo.

‘Fessing up to Fabulous magazine about her boobies, she’s revealed she’s no longer keen on them for this unusual reason.

Chloe Simss

“[They are] a bit of a regret,” she told the mag.

“They’re like 1990s perky ones, instead of the more natural looking boobs you see now,”

We’re not entirely sure what that means, but sure – if that’s how she feels.

HOWEVER, we’re just putting it out there – Chloe, we think you’re smokin’. ‘90s boobs and all.

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