Chris Brown apologises to Karrueche Tran after calling her a bitch!

They’re on, they’re off, Rihanna’s in the picture, Rihanna’s out of the picture and somehow DRAKE IS ALWAYS INVOLVED!

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by Maria Vallahis |
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Singer Chris Brown has apologised to his ex-girlfriend – that’s right they’re exes again – after he called her a bitch and accused her of cheating with rapper Drake.

Nice one, Breezy.

The R&B singer revealed that he was single again to the audience of Power 106’s Cali Christmas Concert on Friday.

At the same concert he also told the audience: “F**k that bitch.” Charming.

This sparked a flurry of Instagram posts between the two, clearly aimed at each other.

Karrueche started the Insta-war by telling the world:

Karrueche Tran posted this to her Instagram account.

In true Breezy fashion he then responded with a post of his own, saying:


No doubt next week this love triangle/square (if you add Rihanna) will be flipped around about 20 million times.

What do you think - Will Chris and Kae ever make their minds up about their relationship?

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