Was Chris Brown’s arrest because of RIHANNA?

The singer could face more than 10 years in jail after a stand-off with police

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If there’s one thing Drake has going for him, it’s that he’s not Chris Brown.

Just hours after Drake’s declaration of love at last week's VMAs, Rihanna’s ex ended up in a 11-hour stand-off with police for waving a gun in a woman’s face.

Drake and Rihanna in 2010

Beauty queen Bayley Curran claims Chris threatened her with a gun in the early hours of Tuesday morning – that afternoon, police gathered outside his house, but were forced into a stand-off while they waited for a warrant.

The whole 14-hour siege, which resulted in Chris being arrested, was streamed live on the internet – and Chris also posted Instagram videos (now deleted) claiming he was “innocent” and branding the police “idiots” as well as swearing a lot and telling fans to buy his latest single.

Chris responded with a video on his Instagram, saying: "Yo. With all this bullshit and everything going on man, I'mma just turn the other cheek and drop some music."

Well that's very noble of you, Chris.

heat's insider says it’s no coincidence that this all kicked off so close to Rihanna’s very public PDA with Drake.

“If Chris had just cooperated with the police, this would be like any other problem he’s faced,” they said.

“But his mindset was so bitter and angry that he kicked off – as usual, he let his bad temper get the better of him.

"Even after all this time, he’s never properly got over Rihanna.”

Chris infamously beat up Rihanna in 2009, leaving her with shocking injuries on their way to the Grammys, an assault for which he received five years' probation. Shockingly, they reunited in 2012, but split up again in May 2013.

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