Chris Brown arrested after police standoff at his house

He allegedly pulled a gun on a woman

Chris Brown

by Polly Foreman |
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Chris Brown has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a woman named Baylee Curran told police he’d threatened her with a gun.

He was arrested at 5pm on Tuesday after an 11 hour long standoff with the police outside his home while they waited for a judge’s approval for a search warrant.

TMZ said: "Police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown’s home, after Chris threw a duffel bag out the window of his home."

Baylee told TMZ that she’d gone to Chris’ house with a business associate. She had apparently been admiring a diamond cross necklace that a man there was selling when Chris started yelling at her to leave them alone.

She said: "He pulled out the gun and said get the f out of here and threatened me with it. And that’s when I just left."

Baylee then claimed that Chris had followed her out with her shoes and her phone and asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which she refused.

During the police standoff, Chris Brown took to Instagram to document his experiences. He uploaded three videos of himself criticising what was going on and asking fans to download his music.

In one he said: "So I’m asleep half the damn night, I just wake up. All these mother*cking helicopter choppers is around. Police out there at the gate."

"I’m not on that bro, every three months you’ve gotta deal with this bullshit."

He also added: "And while we on my promo kick, let me not forget to say: Go stream, download, buy grass ain’t greener, video out. Ironic how I put a crazy video out and now you’ve got a bullshit story"

The police said half-a-dozen people were escorted from the property, and will also be interviewed.

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