Chris Brown forced to cancel gigs in Canada at the last minute because of his criminal record

The star has just this minute taken to Twitter to let his fans down


by Hannah Brimson |
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Oh dear. Naughty Chris Brown's not having a fun time of it as of late, is he? The R&B star tweeted just minutes ago that he's been refused entry through the Canadian border to perform at two gigs he had lined up for today and tomorrow:

@chrisbrown's tweets
@chrisbrown's tweets

This news doesn't really come as much of a shock to us after his previous convictions of domestic violence towards ex-girlfriend Rihanna and being thrown out of rehab for behaving badly, but nevertheless, his fans ain't too happy about it. However, some responses on Twitter have been to the opposite effect that he may be telling porkies and that his gigs were never actually sold out to start with.

We'll let you make of that what you will...

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