Chris Brown gets a tattoo on Venus de Milo on his HEAD!

Oh, Chris. What have you done?


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

You see Chris Brown with his head in his hands? That’s because he’s just realised that he’s got a seriously bad tattoo. Right on his bonce.

Even when his hair grows you’ll probably still be able to see the face (it's Venus de Milo, apparently) and you’ll think, ‘ugh, what’s that on the back of your head, CB?’

Oh, Venus de Milo. Ok. WHY?


Chris showed off his latest tattoo on Instagram with the caption: “#onehllofanight #legendarynights #OHB do what want and if you ain’t wit the bandwagon u will be soon #KEEPIT100.”

Hey Venus de Milo on Chris' head.

And here’s a video of it being done.

We think he might regret this one a bit. Or, he won’t give a flying monkeys because it’s on the back of his head.

What do you think of Chris’ new ink? We think it’s hilariously bad. And weird.

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