Chris Brown’s car is searched by police following anonymous ‘gun tip’

If he did have a gun...why Chris?


by Maria Vallahis |
Published on

The only news there ever is about Chris Brown is either to do with Rihanna or Karrueche Tran or something to do with the law.

This time...the law wins.

Appaz the Loyal singer's very expensive Lamborghini was reportedly searched by police on Friday night in Hollywood.

Breezy was parked outside the Sayer nightclub, whilst at a pre-Grammy event, when LAPD conducted a search of the vehicle.

According to TMZ, the authorities were supposedly tipped-off by an anonymous source, who alleged a passenger in the car was carrying a firearm. WHAT? How random Chris.

Matters got worse when the passenger was reportedly 'detained' by the police despite them not finding a gun. Not even a water pistol. Someone tell Chris Brown this "thug" life style he's trying to rep is not cool. You're better than this Chris.

Last month, Chris was forced to postpone his US tour because he still had to do 100 hours of community service, which he has now tweeted he has finished completing.

The 25-year-old broke the terms of his probation by travelling without approval for a concert and failing to complete his community service on time.

Speaking about the postponement of his Between the Sheets tour, he told his Instagram followers: ''I would first like to apologize to all the fans and people who have been supporters of me and all the music over the years. The beginning of the BTS tour has been moved to later dates now. The judge would not sign off on my travel to do the tour until I finish these last 100 hours of community service. (sic)''

Well done Chris, you've completed your community service. Now can you go back to being a good boy?

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