Chris Evans surprises Scarlett Johansson on The Ellen show – watch the funny video

Naughty Chris.

by Lauren Smith |
Published on

If there's one thing we HATE - it's being sneaked up on by someone and getting the fright of our lives. OK, so it may be funny for everyone else, but our nerves just can't take it!

So pity poor Scar Jo, who was the victim of the funny yet also mean prank on* The Ellen Show*. Chris Pratt, her Avengers: Age of Ultron co-star, sneaked up on the actress while she was mid-interview with Ellen DeGeneres - and made her actually squeal in shock.

To be fair, it was pretty funny. And this being Hollywood, they hugged it out, of course - so we're sure there were no hard feelings. The pair even played a game of Mr and Mrs on the talk show. But we reckon Scar-Jo is going to try and get Chris back BIG TIME on the set of their next movie together. Watch yourself, Evans.

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