Chris Hemsworth has a cameo role eating a sandwich in Home And Away today!

We hope it's cheese and pickle

Chris Hemsworth

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Chris Hemsworth is famous these days for being actual Thor and BUFF AS HELL, but did you know that he started his acting days in _Home And Awa_y?

Of course he did – loads of big Aussie names come from Aussie soaps like Home And Away and Neighbours – and Chris was in BOTH, dontchaknow.

See also: Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger and Kylie Minogue, who were in one or the other.

Chris used to play Kim Hyde on the soap and did 171 episodes.

Now, here’s some news that you’ll love: Chris is back on Home And Away today in a cameo role.

He’ll appear in the background of a scene – eating a sandwich – and looking very sexy indeed. Blink and you’ll miss him (but we know you wouldn’t do that).

Yes, that is basically Thor in a coffee shop. We love a star – especially a Hollywood type – who doesn’t take themselves too seriously to eat a sandwich on a daytime soap.

Chris' episode will hit Aussie screens today – and the episode will air in the UK later on Channel 5 this year.

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