Chris Hughes RESPONDS to cheating controversy

After Olivia Attwood was reported to be 'humiliated'

Chris Hughes

by Polly Foreman |
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Chris Hughes has broken his silence after he was filmed 'kissing' a mystery woman in a club at the weekend.

He posted a note on Twitter reading: "I was a mess Saturday night, couldn’t remember an awful lot. I put my arms round a stranger which I should never have done, and I still don’t know why, but it’s a lesson learnt not to be a drunk twat. All of us do things we shouldn’t one time or another and do stupid shit, but nothing escalated as it never would. Sometimes takes a incident to sharpen up in life. Just being a drunk dick”.

This comes after it was claimed Olivia Attwood has been left 'humiliated' by the allegations.

A source told The Sun: “Olivia feels extremely humiliated by the whole thing. She couldn't even face going out last night.

"She is continually being sent messages over social media from girls who were there on Saturday night and several people have told her that Chris was kissing the girl in the video.

"At the moment she feels horrendous. They are trying to talk things through – but she is yet to know the outcome of those discussions."

Chris was filmed ‘kissing’ a mystery woman at a nightclub at the weekend.

In footage obtained by The Sun, Chris can be seen with his arms round a brunette women at Essex club Sugar Hut, and then proceeding to seemingly kiss her. He was then dragged off by security.

A source told the publication: “Chris spent a lot of his time with the woman and they looked close together.

“He had his arms wrapped around her waist and at one point it seemed like he went in for a kiss but there was a lot of people in the club so it was difficult to tell.

“A security guard was forced to drag Chris away before anything more happened – it looked as though he was given a warning after seeming a little worse for wear."

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