EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hughes accuses Katie Price of ‘plotting’ something


Love Island's Chris Hughes and Katie Price

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Hell hath no fury like a Love Island contestant scorned, and it's safe to say Chris Hughes is NOT letting arch nemesis Katie Price off lightly. You probably know the drill by now, but he basically accused The Pricey of grafting on him while he's very much with Olivia Attwood, she retaliated to him leaking supposed message screenshots and now he's convinced she's 'plotted' something.

And all this while promoting his and Kem Cetinay's track Little Bit Leave It. Busy boy.

Yup - after saying his piece in a lengthy tweet claiming Katie's out to 'destroy' his career Chris now reckons she's 'pathetic' over her 'plotting.' OH GAHD.

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Chatting to heatworld, Chris said: "You wouldn't understand. She's gone away for a week and plotted. She's plotted to do something. I publicly humiliated her last week, and it's taken her a week to come back with stuff. It's pathetic."


This came just after Chris posted that tweet claiming Katie had threatened Olivia Attwood, saying: "Katie Price get your head out your a**e and focus on your own life, your children and your children and stop harassing myself and Olivia."

"I outed you because that's what I do when I'm accused of lying or being told I'm not telling the truth. I have no shame or embarrassment showing those messages you sent me. I have no regrets either so just accept that someone stood up to you and called you out on it."

"You're making up lies you've lived your life through for years. Focus on yourself. I couldn't care about you in the slightest. You've showed your true colours. Go away, make up shit about me, show everyone these bulls**t messages you've created.

"For anyone with half a brain cell, on Snapchat you can add someone via contacts. That way you'll see I haven't sent you anything. Bitch about me, call me names, tell every paper this bulls**t, I stand by who I am and not going to let someone like you mug me off.

"Accept the fact you've shown colours in those messages I released last week and stop looking to equalise. I'm done with your bulls**t. Leave me and my girlfriend alone to live our lives. and don't threaten her again saying you will destroy our careers."

"You've been shamed , live with it, move on." [sic].


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Take it this one won't be over for a while, eh?


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WATCH: Love Island's Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay play Little Bit Leave It

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