Katie Price ‘delighted’ as Olivia Attwood says Chris Hughes DID send *those* flirty texts

52 screenshots-gate kicking off again…

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Katie Price claiming she had ’52 screenshots’ of flirty texts from Chris Hughes, him denying it, then the resulting drama from the fallout was hands down the standout news story of 2017.

Don’t remember? Let’s recap.

Kaitie and Chris met on Loose Women, she then sent him a load of embarrassing drunk texts (we feel ya, KP), he posted them on Twitter for the world to see (our actual worst nightmare), she claimed she had ‘52 screenshots’ of flirty texts from him, The Sun reported she was telling the truth and they’d seen them, then Chris posted another attempted take-down.

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Chris’ Love Island girlfriend Olivia Attwood stood by him at the time, and claimed Katie was lying.

She even said at the time: "Katie was a bit delusional to think Chris would fancy her or cheat on me."

But since their split earlier this month, she’s now admitted they existed.

She was asked by OK! Magazine whether she felt betrayed by Chris’ messages to Katie, to which she replied:  "Yeah. I do feel like I stood by him through a lot of things which weren't great and that I probably shouldn't have let slide, but I did.”

"To have him post on Instagram straight away: 'Everybody lets you down'. I was like, are you having a laugh? Have you been here for the past six months?"

Olivia also added:  "All I know is that whether he did or didn't, he didn't sleep with her. It was just a couple of messages."

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Chris Hughes

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Amber Davies

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Olivia Attwood

Did you know Olivia Attwood used to compete in beauty pagents? Of course you did. Liv is more glam than Amy Childs having a gold-plated mani, tbh.

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Kem Cetinay

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Sam Gowland

Sam looking every inch of a Essex lad in his perfectly preened blazer/shirt combo. Nothing ever changes, eh.

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Chloe Crowhurst

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Dom Leaver

Dom Leaver with long hair is something we are in to. A lot.

Katie’s rep spoke then spoke to The Mirror about how Katie is feeling following Olivia’s revelation, to which she replied:  "She is delighted the truth is out. As Katie always says, 'The truth always comes out in the end - she doesn't lie.

The moral of the story here is: don't mess with The Pricey.

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