Chrissy Teigan, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Chloe Madeley and Kirsty Gallagher strip off for a naked shoot!

These women look incredible!


by Ellie Henman |
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In the next issue of Women’s Health Chrissy Teigan, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Chloe Madeley and Kirsty Gallagher have stripped off to encourage women to talk about their body insecurities. The stars all posed in the buff and spoke frankly about their body issues.

Chrissy Teigan:


“I used to take pride in the fact I didn't have to work out, and then I hit that age where you have to,” Chrissy said. “I want to drink champagne and have hearty dinners, so I would rather work out for an hour and be able to do what I want.

“I've always had to watch myself. My family is not naturally thin and we put on weight quickly. I find low-carb works for me.”

Lucy Mecklenburgh:

Lucy explained why she started her fitness kick, saying: “TOWIE didn't just bring me fame, it made be bigger than I'd ever been before.

“I was drinking every night, living off pasta – I'd never worried about exercise or 'no carbs before Marbs', but suddenly I couldn't fit into my jeans.”

Chloe Madeley:

Chloe’s transformed her body since making a bet with her personal trainer. And she looks amazing.

“My body started with a challenge,” she explained. “I was watching MTV and made a bet with my PT [and ex], Danny Young,that he couldn't make my body look like Britney Spears' circa 'I'm a Slave 4 U'.

“He proved me wrong in three weeks. I never looked back. From there, I decided to become a personal trainer.”

Kirsty Gallagher:

Kirsty admitted she’s still building up her body confidence. She said: “If I was going to rate my body confidence out of 10, I'd say seven.

“This time last year, it would've been much lower, but after a divorce and juggling full-time work with two kids, I made the decision to start channeling my energy into positive things, and that includes getting into shape.”

We think they should all be proud of their bodies. They’ve never looked so good.

The September Naked Issue of Women's Health, is on sale today (30 July). It’s also available in digital edition on Apple Newsstand.

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