The CIA and The Bee Gees stopped Jim Carrey from killing The Grinch due to EIGHT AND A HALF HOUR make-up regime

The actor struggled with the effort needed to get into costume


by Owen Tonks |

Ah, The Grinch – he may be intent on stealing Christmas but he still makes us feel all fuzzy and festive inside.

But before the character even came to life on the silver screen, actor Jim Carrey almost killed him off at the production stage, because of the mammoth make-up regime required to get him into costume.

It took a whopping EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS a day to create the look and director Ron Howard enlisted a former CIA torture expert and, err, The Bee Gees to help.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Jim says: “The make-up took eight and a half hours – it was like being buried alive each day.


“On the first day I went back to my trailer, put my leg through the wall and told Ron Howard I couldn’t to the movie. So a guy that trained CIA operatives how to endure torture was brought in.

“That’s how I got through it. That, and The Bee Gees – the only thing that worked to calm me through the make-up was everything they had ever done. I’ve no idea why, but they just made me happy. There’d be no Grinch without them!”

Who knew? So, we have the CIA and The Bee Gees to thank for a little bit of Christmas cheer each year. Err, thanks guys!

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