Coco Austin shares more cute baby bump pictures!

Not long to go now

Coco Austin

by Anna Lewis |
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It seems to have taken ages for Coco Austin’s baby bump to pop out, but now that it has, it’s practically doubling in size every day!

Coco’s 34 weeks pregnant with her and Ice-T’s first baby – a girl who they’ve already named Chanel – and the model couldn’t be prouder of her new figure; posting two new photos of it on Instagram.

Along with one of the snaps, 36-year-old Coco also broke the exciting news that she’s started a baby blog.

Better late than never, eh…

“Its finally up!!! My baby blog on Its taken along time to put up cuz I practically wrote a mini book about my life, pre-Ice, pre-Chanel.

“Before I start posting about #babyChanel (which is this week) I introduce you who I really am and where I come from. In this blog experience this beautiful journey with me through pictures and heartful insight of my pregnancy.

“This was just taken today in my shoe sanctuary were I feel the most peaceful. 34 weeks pregnant!!”


She captioned the second picture: “I hit my 34 week mark into pregnancy! Why does Max always got to be in my pics and then looks at me crazy? He really is my little security guard never leaves my side.

“Pregnancy is still going unbelievably smooth! I have a little battle with heartburn but nothing to complain about. Craving a lot more sweets than normal like frozen yogurt and #chanelnicole is a little over 4 pounds already!

“She's moving even more now doing tumbling tricks or something like that because she's very active and it feels like she doing somersaults in my tummy but then totally lets me sleep at night. And a funny thing too is my belly button is starting to poke out a bit. I think it’s cute. Just thought I might give you a weekly update!”

Baby Chanel is due in December.

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