Coleen Rooney’s fears: Wayne’s bored and living alone

Mrs Rooney doesn’t want history repeating itself

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Let’s face it, long distance is no easy feat for any couple, regardless of how often you FaceTime or share the mundanities of your day via WhatsApp. And, as Coleen Rooney continues to navigate life in the UK with her husband Wayne across the pond, we are told that the WAG is finding it increasingly difficult to stay positive about their time apart.

In June, former England striker Wayne hung up his managerial boots at struggling League One club Derby County, before announcing a new role a month later as head coach at Washington-based DC United. And in a handful of interviews given since uprooting his career over 3,000 miles away from his family in Cheshire, the record goal-scorer admitted that life Stateside is not exactly riveting.

“Even when you go home, it’s full-on work,” Wayne, 36, said. “It’s quite boring – a boring life to live, but doing what I love. The main thing is we’re here to put the work in.”

According to heat’s insiders, these boredom revelations have left Coleen, 36, anxious about history repeating itself with Wayne’s notorious bad behaviour.

“For now, Wayne is all-consumed by the football, and the challenge of the new job and getting to know the team properly,” we’re told. “But at the back of Coleen’s mind is the worry that in a few months, once he’s found his feet, this boredom of being home alone – especially as he is living so far out of the city – will see him land himself in all sorts of trouble again.”

Back in January 2019, when he was a player at the same club,  it emerged that Wayne had been arrested, accused of public intoxication and swearing in public at a DC airport. And in August that year, it was reported that the striker had stripped down to his underwear in front of three women during a raucous hot tub party in Vancouver. He was then pictured getting into a lift with one of the women he’d spent seven hours drinking with.

And our insider adds that Coleen has issued a stark warning to her husband, telling him he has zero chances left where their marriage is concerned.

“Before he took the gig, Coleen made him swear that he wouldn’t do any binge drinking over there,” says our source. “She read him the riot act, saying he had made such a fool out of himself the last few times, and he would be kicked out on his ass really fast if he messed up – which could ruin any future chances of being a manager back in the UK. At the same time, she’s also sick of babysitting him and told him there are no more chances in their marriage. The nine lives are used, as far as she’s concerned. Even the kids warned him not to mess it up.”

In another interview, Wayne explained how spending time apart from his wife of 14 years Coleen and their four sons, Kai, 12, Klay, nine, Kit, six, and Cass, four, was proving tough. “The biggest issue about coming here was leaving the family behind. That was a big decision. You miss the small things. Picking the kids up from school and things like that,” he said.

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And leading a “single mother’” lifestyle has left Coleen overwhelmed, as the reality of having a separate life from her husband indefinitely sets in. The star was pictured looking amazing on a rare night out last week, but we’re told, “It’s
a real struggle to balance everything and find time for herself, and she would be absolutely lost  without her parents. The boys really miss their dad and that’s a lot for her to handle emotionally, as there have been a lot of meltdowns.

“She now has to schedule in talking to Wayne, and she’s not really sleeping well, because she’s  worrying about what he could be up to.”

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