Coleen Rooney furious after holiday luggage was ‘rifled through’ and her stuff taken

Coleen Rooney is snorting smoke out of her nostrils. Coleen Rooney's eyes are red and popping. Coleen Rooney's husband Wayne is hiding behind the sunlounger as his wife rampages around their holiday apartment ranting about her toothbrush.

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Because Coleen Rooney is angry – and it's all down to those pesky baggage handlers getting their filthy mitts on her stuff.

Poor old Col took to Twitter last night to blast airport staff for looking through her personal belongings AND returning her luggage two days late after she took a post-World Cup flight from Heathrow to Las Vegas.

She said her "bags, shoes, bikinis, clothes, toiletries, underwear, pj's, make up [and] toiletries" were taken and blasted the airline as "disgusting".

Coleen and Wayne jetted out to Sin City shortly after the England striker got back home following a disappointing World Cup performance, so this is the last thing they need. And just think of that massive collection of kaftans Coleen's got waiting for her on the baggage carousel…

When a few followers gently suggested Coleen can more than afford to replace her missing items, she turned her ire on them.

"And you can stick all the sarcastic comments about money. It's not all about money it's about people going through my personal stuff and taking stuff that I need for my holiday," she said.

Hmm. You want to try easyJet like the rest of us, Col?


Kai Rooney looking sad during 2014 world cup

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Wipe away the tears, Col

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That is a VERY sad face.

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And again, just in case you missed it.

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