Coleen Rooney to ‘put herself first’ and not have any more kids, source says

Looks like she's done with maternity clothes, then

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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It's been quite the year for mum-of-four Coleen Rooney. After dealing with a very rocky relationship with her husband Wayne Rooney, and welcoming her fourth child, Cass Mac, it would seem that Coleen Rooney has finally to take some time to herself.

A source told Now magazine that "Coleen feels it’s about time she starts putting herself first. She’s been pregnant or having babies for almost a decade now." They hinted that this meant she doesn't want to have any more children.

Apparently, Coleen is adamant that she's "shut up shop". She does have four beautiful children, after all.

Speaking about her last pregnancy, the source added that "Coleen thought she was having a girl during her pregnancy but she was just happy to welcome a healthy baby boy."

"Wayne’s still got it in his head that a daughter would complete their family, but Coleen thinks enough is enough."

Two of Coleen's pregnancies were ruined with hubby Wayne's sex scandals, but the blonde bombshell has decided to stand by him anyway. That doesn't mean that she's completely trusting of Wayne, though: "it’s fair to say Coleen’s had enough of having to pick up the pieces and now she wants to start calling the shots again," the source said.

"Coleen chose to be thick-skinned about Wayne’s goings-on as she was protecting her unborn child", the source continued.

"He got off lightly, but now she’s thinking it through – he might not be so lucky if there’s a next time." We think this is pretty fair enough, considering that Coleen has already given Wayne numerous chances to clean up his act.

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