They’re building the Friends set in the UK and YOU can go there…

It’s #FriendsFest, people

by Hayley Kadrou |
Published on

The phenomenally successful comedy series may have come to an end over ten years ago, but we’re still TOTALLY OBSESSED with everything Friends, hence why we’re mega happy that there’s going to be a #FriendsFest in London this September!

Could we BE anymore excited?

Comedy Central will bring to Brick Lane a full scale set of Monica’s apartment, so fans can pretend to spy on Ugly Naked Guy and hang about in the kitchen chewing (or drinking, if you’re Joey) the fat just like the gang.


The famous Central Perk coffee shop will also be set up, so you can grab a cup of joe with friends (that’s your friends, not the Friends), but if someone’s sitting on the classic orange sofa when we arrive there will be trouble.

Talk about a perfect Kodak moment, the unforgettable fountain that the cast all splash about in during the opening credits will also be replicated, so you can take some pics of what will naturally end up as the best Facebook cover photo of all time. Extra brownie points if you sport monochrome like the crew.

Lots of the original props will be there too, so maybe you can sit on a chair that newly-wed Jennifer Aniston herself has sat on too! Wahoo!

Basically it’s going to be EPIC.

Super fans – you seriously can’t miss this! Even if the rain starts to fall this September, FriendsFest will still be there for you!

If you’re interested in indulging in some New York chic get your best Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross (we’re Rachel, obvs) together for the fest, and head to the website HERE to purchase your tickets for a mere £5 now.

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