Congratulations! Broadchurch’s Olivia Colman confirms she’s pregnant

And she’s craving Smarties!

Olivia Colman

by Anna Lewis |
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Congratulations to Olivia Colman and her husband Ed Sinclair, who are expecting their third child.


The Broadchurch actress confirmed that she’s pregnant with baby number three and is craving Smarties!

To be honest, we’re always craving those bad boys, and we’re not even expecting…


Olivia, 41, said: “I’m pregnant with baby number three.

“We’re all very excited. I’m obsessed with Smarties.”

The actress, who has sons Finn, nine, and Hal, seven, with her novelist husband, said she has “quite a few months to go”.

Olivia broke the exciting news while explaining why she couldn’t do a big-screen re-make of her BAFTA-nominated short The Karman Line with director Spike Lee at the moment.

She said: “I love Spike Lee and would certainly take his call, but he’ll have to wait a while before we start anything.

"I’ve got quite a few months left to go, so - if he’s still interested at the end of the year - we can talk. But it’s very flattering that he even suggested it.

“Obviously, the baby is my priority and we’re all very excited. I’m very fortunate that work and family are thriving at the same time. I feel very, very lucky.”

Congratulations Olivia and Ed!

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