This couple have recreated the Simpsons kitchen in their house, and it’s AMAZING

“Who wouldn’t want corn cob curtains? Come on!”

The Simpsons kitchen

by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

We’re not sure that we’d want a replica of the kitchen from The Simpsons in our house, but a mad Canadian couple have done just that, and it’s all kinds of brilliant.

Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton have redesigned their kitchen into Marge’s domain and we can almost here her famous grumble from here.

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Marcia told CBC: “My significant other and I wanted to do a retro-vation. One day we decided to take what we have and turn it into The Simpsons kitchen.”


“Who wouldn’t want corn cob curtains? Come on!” Marcia continues.

Marcia, that is a question that we’re now going to ponder for several hours.

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