Courtney Love “ambushed” and “taken hostage” in French taxi during strike against Uber

Er, sounds awful?

Courtney Love

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Courtney Love can be a bit of a drama queen, but we’re taking her pretty seriously today.

She’s tweeted after a terrifying ordeal in Paris where she claims she was taken HOSTAGE while in a taxi by anti-Uber protestors.

The attack took place as she exited Charles de Gaulle airport, where cars were attacked by a mob – and some were even flipped over.

Courtney wrote about being “ambushed”, “chased” and her taxi being beaten “with metal bats” – and claimed that the police “did nothing” to help the situation.

Er, sounds awful.

She also compared called the attackers “French Taliban”. Not sure it’s quite the same as the situation in Afghanistan, Court, but it does sounds very scary.

Courtney says that she and her taxi driver were eventually able to escape after she paid men on motorbikes to sneak her out, but not before she and her driver were pelted with rocks.

Poor Courtney.

She finished by writing:

“I’m scared out of my wits. Mr. François Hollande president or libertine? I can't believe this really just happened. love French people but your government blows #happytobealive #parisuberstrike wtf??”

Today’s protests against Uber have been the most violent to date. Non-Uber taxi drivers and their supporters have taken to the streets as spin-off taxi app UberPOP was actually BANNED in France since January, but is available for use.

Riot police were brought onto the scene and tear gas was fired at some protesters.

We’re not sure how famous Courtney is in France, but the attackers have certainly got themselves some extra publicity…

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