Craig Charles’s brother texted him twice before tragic death: ‘I’d kind of blanked him’

Craig Charles has spoken about the sad events leading up to the death of his brother


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Coronation Street's Craig Charles - who exited the I'm A Celebrity jungle after his brother Dean tragically passed away of a heart attack last month - has spoken out about the run up to the sad day.

Speaking to the Star on Sunday, Craig revealed that his brother had actually texted him but he'd been too busy to respond: 'Dean had left me a couple of messages, before I came in saying "Craig, how are you? Can we meet up?" and I'd kinda blanked him because I had too much going on. I thought, "You know what, I'll leave it until I come out then I'll get in contact with him."'

It had been mere days of him being on the show that Craig found out he wouldn't have another chance to see his brother: 'I thought, "You know what, I'll leave it until I come out then I'll get in contact with him."'

He also went onto describe how it's made him focus on spending more time with his family, and to appreciate what he has. But despite that, he hasn't cancelled any of his gigs, taking to Twitter ahead of the funeral to say: 'We bury my brother Dean on Friday and as he would want the show goes on. No shows are fact please come along to raise a glass [...] Been through so much heartache lately, I can’t wait for Blackpool this Saturday. Make sure you’re all there. I want it jumping.'

Sending all our good vibes to Craig and everyone who was close to Dean - such a sad time.

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