Daniel Radcliffe’s fortune hit £68 million last year, and it just keeps getting BIGGER

Another year, another few mill in the bank for the Harry Potter star


by Gwendolyn Smith |
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Still feeling frustrated with yourself for not auditioning for the HP films? Well, this isn’t going to make you feel any better.

Dan Rad is living, eternally boyish proof that if you’d dragged yourself along to that Warner Bros audition, instead of staying at home festering in a toxic pool of self-doubt, you might now be set for life.

“But if he can act, I can!” we hear you cry. Still, there he is, happily ensconced at the top of a metaphorical golden Gringotts pile of £68 million. Gah, he could probably commission someone to build him his OWN Gringotts now if he wanted to.

Yep, at 25, he’s one of Britain’s richest young stars – The Sun recently revealed that his company Gilmore Jacobs, which manages his investments and properties, has gained £3.7 million in value on the previous year, taking its total up to £57.7 million.

And if that wasn’t eye-watering enough, the company is also owed £10.2 million, boosting its worth to an £67.9 million. Yikes.

Earlier this year, Daniel exclusively told heat: “Money's a weird thing – I'm lucky because I've always had it so money's never been a motivating factor in my life.

"The great thing about it is because there is a certain level of stress that is removed but it doesn't solve problems in the world, or relationships or life...”

Well said, Dan.

Still, note to self: the next time Warner Bros makes a film involving broomsticks, get down to that audition room pronto.

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