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Danielle Peazer

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Danielle Peazer is #lifegoals. She has a dead successful YouTube channel which enlists everything from the 'lazy girls guide to being healthy' (our most played - sorry, not sorry) to her morning routine, which apparently is not waking up at 8:28am and eating a tube of toothpaste on the bus. Her Instagram is like an IRL Abercrombie and Fitch campaign and she is always on holiday. Can we trade lives now or?

In heatworlds 'Internet vs', we ask celebrities ALL the real (and sometimes terrifying) questions the internet wants to know. Whether you have been Googling 'what secondary school did he go to' to 'how many Midget Gems can they fit in their gob whilst humming Twinkle Little Star' we will do everything in our journalistic power you get your answer. This is a not judgmental zone. Google to your hearts content, huns.

This is what happened when we asked Danielle Peazer all the questions you lot at home have been Googling around her. Sit back, make a cheese sandwich - it’s time to become more acquainted with the YouTuber.

When was Danielle Peazer born?

10th June 1988

Where was Danielle Peazer born?

In Chase Farm hospital in Enfield.

What is Danielle Peazer?

I'm still trying to figure that out! A dancer and a social media influencer.

What is Danielle Peazer's nationality?


What does Danielle Peazer do?

I am a dancer and a social media influencer!

When is Danielle Peazer's birthday?

The 10th of June

Who is Danielle Peazer dating?

I am currently dating Joe Hunt.

What happened to Danielle Peazer?!

She still exists guys! I'm still here, life goes on.

Was Danielle Peazer in the Victoria's Secret fashion show?

Yes I was

How did Danielle Beaver become a professional dancer?

Well, DANIELLE PEAZER became a professional dancer after going to full-time ballet college and then I decided to go over to commercial, which is more like fashion shows and TV shows and dancing for popstars which is fun!

When did Danielle Perez start dancing?

WHO! I have no idea, but I started dancing when I was two!

Does Danielle Peazer have any siblings?

Yes, I have an older sister

Does Danielle Peazer have a new boyfriend?

I have a current boyfriend, but he's been around for two years so he's not that new anymore!

Where does Danielle Peazer shop?

Online... ALOT

How to get Danielle Peazer hair?

I'm a half Guianese, quarter Italian and a quarter English. Mix that all together and voila!

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