Danny Dyer calls James Jordan an “irritating c***” and says Katie Hopkins’ face looks like a “punched lasagne” on Twitter

Don’t mess with Mick Carter


by Ellen Kerry |
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We’d think long and hard about having a pop at someone has, erm, passionate as Danny Dyer. The Eastenders star isn’t exactly backwards in coming forwards with his words and will happily call you out on social media. Something ex-Strictly dancer James Jordan found out over the weekend when he questioned why Dyer was in the SCD audience…

Danny, who plays hardman Mick Carter in Easties, was in the SCD crown on Saturday night to show his support for co-star Kellie Bright. James Jordan was miffed, tweeting “Is Danny Dyer on Strictly???”

Danny responded with a sharp, “Yeah like you…..oh….wait….”

At this point we would probably put our phone away and leave Twitter well alone for a bit. James decided to reply to Dyer with a dig about his movie career…

Not. A. Good. Idea. Danny took aim at Jordan’s career saying, “Clearly you shouldn’t do the jokes soppy nuts. How’s the career going….oh….I mean existence??” before going on to call him an “irriating c***”.

We’re not really sure why the beef even started. Surely Danny being in the audience and on Kellie’s VT just means they’re buds and he’s all about showing his on-screen wifey a bit of east end support?

James Jordan wasn't the only celeb to have a go at Danny on Twitter over the weekend. Shy and retiring wallflower Katie Hopkins tweeted a pic of Danny poking fun at his weight. Not impressed, Dyer called her "Steptoe" and said her face looks like "someone's punched a Lasagne."

Ouch. Then he tweeted both of his Twitter attackers in one last tweet to end it all, Mick-style...

Anyone else want beef with Dyer? Anyone?

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