Are Danny Dyer and his family getting their own reality show? (Because that would be amazing!)

Please let this happen!

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by Owen Tonks |
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if Danny Dyer got his own reality show? We could literally watch for hours as he surprised innocent, unsuspecting people by calling them “shifty little mugs” in a booming voice with his legendary cockney accent.

Well, it seems our dreams could one day become a reality – the EastEnders actor’s fiancée Joanne Mas wants their family to star in their own television series.

Joanne’s daughter Dani has blabbed about her mum’s hopes for her man to propel them to the heady heights of fame enjoyed by the likes of the Kardashians.

Dani told The Sun on Sunday: “Mum keeps saying we should get our own show, like the Kardashian’s. She thinks she’s Kris Jenner.”

If the show was to hit our screens we could see the family get caught up in some pretty awkward discussions – Danny isn’t keen on Age of Kill star Dani doing any sex scenes in films.

The actress told the Daily Mirror: “[My dad] wouldn’t have been happy if I’d been doing anyway scenes where everyone is on top of me.

“It isn’t nice for him to see, he will never be happy with me doing things like that.”


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