Danny Dyer’s wife-to-be KICKS OFF at Michelle Keegan over V Festival fight

Jo Mas is not happy

Danny Dyer Jo Mas

by Georgina Terry |
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Of all the stories to come out of V Festival at the weekend – Justin Bieber apparently miming, Keith Lemon rocking up in a disguise – the biggest is undoubtedly the massive FIGHT that kicked off between Danny Dyer and Mark Wright.

And now Danny's fiancée has waded into the fray and taken on Mark's wife, Michelle Keegan.

"It's official. I'm going to be promoting MY GIRL and the shit she witnessed #yourtoofuckingstaged," Jo tweeted, mocking Mich's promotion for her TV show.


Jo seems to be referencing Dani Dyer's claim that she saw five of Mark Wright's pals set on her dad at V fest, where Jo and Danny where celebrating their joint stag and hen party.

Danny has also said that his daughter witnessed Mark's pals 'kicking him in the head':

AND that one of Mark's friends 'squared up' to Dani:

Jo, understandably, is also fuming that their daughter became involved in the fracas, saying: "Hurt my daughter @Dani_MasDyer I'll finish u off with pleasure. I have nothing to lose, maybe a fingernail."

She's like a lioness protecting her cub. We would not take her on, not gonna lie. We're very peaceful people.

However, while the weight of public opinion seems to overwhelming be behind #TeamDyer, Dani has spoken out about Twitter trolls who've been sending her mean messages since the altercation.

The block button is your friend, Dani. Nice one.

But will the war of the wives continue? Doesn't look that way.

When a fan took issue with Jo berating Mich over Mark's actions, she tweeted: "To be fair your right seems like a nice girl She weren't there. My daughter is a nice girl too that's the shame."

Which seems pretty fair from where we're sitting.

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