Danny Dyer’s daughter says her dad was jumped by FIVE of Mark Wright’s pals at V festival

Five against one is not cool

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Would you Adam and Eve it? The biggest story to have come out of V Festival this weekend is not Justin Bieber apparently lip-synching, or Keith Lemon's new locks but the bust-up between Danny Dyer and Mark Wright.

And now Danny Dyer's daughter, Dani Dyer (not even kidding), has said her dad was jumped by five of the ex-TOWIE star's pals.

We're no experts on fighting but those don't seem like fair figures to us.

Dani, who was at V with her mum and dad for their joint stag and hen bash, witnessed the altercation, and this morning tweeted and instagrammed:

"The only comment I'm gonna say is that my dad is the strongest person I know he isn't a fighter just because he plays good acting rolls as hard man does not mean he is that in real life.

"I admit I was shouting that mark Wright is a c*nt. Because his silly mates thought it was okay to barge past my dad knowing he was drunk, my heart is broken as I witness the whole thing.

"My dad is such a sensitive loving person who wouldn't want to hurt a fly. 5 on 1 is never fair.

"But I love you papa and seeing that just proved how I would have wished to have smacked them in the mouth. Love you xxxxx [sic].

Danny had been spatting with Mark and Joshua Wright this week after Joshua claimed that Mark had slapped Danny round the face at a charity football match.

Danny then posted a Tweet that was a pretty clear dig at two of Mark's gigs: Heart FM and Okyos yogurt.

We were alerted to the V fest kick-off when someone who had witnessed the incident ran up to Leigh Francis - AKA Keith Lemon – who was hanging out in the Mahiki Rum VIP bar to tell him: "Mark and Danny are rolling about on the floor having a full on fight!"

Mark was subsequently tweeted that he didn't have anything to do physically with the fight.

*We've contacted Mark's management for comment. *

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