Dapper Laugh goes on bizarre Twitter ramble about suicide and ‘the media’

Wasn't Dapper Laughs meant to be killed off? Sorry, 'retired'?

Dapper Laughs

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Remember back when Dapper Laughs was a thing? It was only a few short months ago, but the comedian - real name Daniel O'Reilly - promised his misogynistic, rape joke-telling character was going to be killed off.

And he said this on Newsnight. NEWSNIGHT! You can't lie on Newsnight, FFS! That's like lying to the Queen!

Anyway, imagine everyone's surprise when Dapper Laughs started trending on Twitter today, and it was all to do with a local newspaper being denied access to one of Dapper's gigs.

The Liverpool Echo reported how Dapper's management contacted them to request a review of his gig, but when the journalist turned up they were refused entry.

It seemed to be connected to a story the Echo had published earlier in the day that was seen by Dapper's team as 'negative', as it quoted women's right activists saying the comedian's routine "would not be received well" in Liverpool.

Since then, Dapper has been tweeting all day - mostly with that stupid crying-laughing emoji - about and at the h8rs.

Then it got a bit dark:

Still. This must be excellent publicity for his current tour, no?

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