Dappy is backing Norman Lamb to get Lib Dem leadership. OK, then

That was unexpected


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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In news we never thought we’d have to report, ever, N Dubz star Dappy is backing Norman Lamb from the Liberal Democrats in his battle to become leader of the party.


Norman used to be care minister and is now in the running to be Lib Dem leader after Nick Clegg left with his tail between his legs after his HUGE election defeat.

Turns out that Norman’s son Archie Lamb is actually Dappy’s manager – hence the sudden Lib Dem support from Dappy.


Norman actually remortgaged his house to help son Archie set up his business – which paid off, because the company ended up launching Tinie Tempah’s career.

Oh, and looking after Dappy, don’t forget that.

The Dapster tweeted:

Yep, he really means it.

His fans seems bemused with his decision, however.

One wrote: “Do you mind that @normanlamb voted for rise in tuition fees? Surely need a move away from those coalition policies?”

Another said: “Surely power and LibDem cannot be used in the same sentence any more?”

And one asked for clarification from Dappy on full fiscal autonomy. We’re still waiting for Dappy’s tweet back about that.

Wonder who Tulisa’s going to back?

Oh hi there


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