Unicef ambassador David Beckham: ‘I’m recognised everywhere…except the Amazon’

Whether it’s his name or his face, millions of people everywhere know David Beckham.


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In the UK he’s often papped taking his sons Brookyln, Romeo and Cruz to football training and he’s can’t even take a stroll around Notting Hill with his daughter, Harper, scooting by his side without it making the headlines.

But after supporting Unicef as Goodwill Ambassador for the last 10 years, Dave’s launched a new Unicef fund called 7 and admits, despite all his work on and off the pitch, there is ONE place he’s gone UNNOTICED…The Amazon.

And he told heat: “The Amazon, it’s the only part of the world that I’ve been and not been recognised.”

Maybe he should holiday there more often?

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, he told us that at the time he was volunteering for Unicef on a charity trip. But it turns out not being recognised wasn’t the only kick in the teeth for Becks…


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“The tribe that we visited didn’t even know what football was, so that gave me a bit of a boost!” he added. But in those places where he is well known, David, 39, has been able to make a difference. He said: “I can go into certain countries and ask to meet the Prime Minister – whether they want to meet me or not – but their children want to meet me and that opens doors. And once you’re in that door, then you can sit down and turn around to a Prime Minister and say this needs to change…that is what my fame has done.”

David also acknowledged that some actions might have not always got him praise, adding: “Over the years people might have been critical of certain things I’ve done outside my football career but those things now are shining a light on protection for children.”

David Beckham speaking at the Unicef press conference
David Beckham speaking at the Unicef press conference

And when Becks was told people had forgiven him for the sarong, he defended: “I liked the sarong personally.”

And keen to follow in his footsteps – not THAT fashion sense – is Brooklyn. David said: “Brooklyn only said to me on the school run this morning ‘I want to go on a trip. When can I go on a trip?’ so they understand it, they get it, and I’m proud to actually tell them exactly what I’m doing and how I’m helping and it makes them proud too.”

For more information about the 7 fund visit www.7.org

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