Well David Beckham looks COMPLETELY different in his latest Instagram


David Beckham

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As if the news that Brooklyn Beckham's potentially off to university to study photography wasn't change enough in the family, David Beckham's only gone and shown off a pretty dramatic new look on Instagram complete with - um - yellow teeth.

It's a far cry from those perfectly-preened 'metrosexual,' sarong-wearing years, put it that way.

There we were, scrolling through about a million pics of avocado on toast and our annoying rich friends' beach holidays on Instagram, when we were left wondering what the frick's happened to ol' Becks. Now obviously none of us are getting any younger, but the balding hair and teeth siuation? A bit...unexpected.

Turns out the whole thing's for his mate Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur movie, though; and some fans aren't even arsed about the new look. One commented 'still would' and tbh SAME. We're in no position to be picky.

Some ain't so keen, though. One commented 'U scared the hell out of me,' with another all like 'holly sh*t' and one worried follower asking 'Omg ! What happened @davidbeckham.'

What happened is he went into makeup for King Arthur, love.

This all comes after King Arthur star Henry Cavill explained how Becks got the part, saying: "We called him up three days before...and I said 'Do you fancy being in the movie?' and he said 'Yeah, OK alright then' so we stuck him in."

So there you go.


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