David Beckham plays dress up with Harper on Instagram!



by Ellen Kerry |
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David Beckham’s Instagram account is the best thing to happen to us since we found Tuna the Dog. We get an insight into the life one of the most handsome men on the planet by just looking at our phone. Incredible.


As well as super hot bedroom selfies (be still our beating EVERYTHING) Becks posts cute BFF pics, mummy ‘n’ me black white shots and moody images that could totes be part of some new designer campaign.

He also shares his fave food, just like we do. David Beckham has a penchant for trad London grub, pie and mash. Last week he treated himself to a plate of his fave food and sweetly took a pic to prove how tasty it was. We were a bit too busy looking at how tasty he was to concern ourselves with mash but, hey.

Another of our fave Beckhams featured in his post yesterday. Harper’s chubby little hand is seen shoving a glittering diamond dangly earring onto her pop’s ear. The earring, probs one of Victoria’s, is likely to be worth more than a car. Dave captioned the pic, “Harpers not the only princess in the house.” Body: prepare to go into meltdown. Fit, funny and FIT.

David Beckham, for your service to Instagram, we salute you.

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