David Cameron knows ALL the words to Frozen’s Let It Go!

When heat sat down with the Prime Minister, we found out a LOT of things about him…

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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When the Frozen 2 sequel comes out, your three-year-old niece won’t be the only one whooping and doing a little wee with excitement – Prime Minister David Cameron will also be looking forward to it. Though probably not doing a little wee with excitement. We hope.

When heat’s Lucie Cave sat down with Dave ahead of the General Election 2015 to find out just what being a Prime Minister is all about, he revealed a whole lot about himself.

Including that he’s a big fan of the new Disney classic. Yep.

Lucie Cave: “heat reader Dan Critchley asks, ‘What’s your film guilty pleasure? Have you ever watched Frozen? Do you know any of the words to Let It Go?’”

David Cameron: “Have I watched Frozen? I have a four-year-old daughter! I can virtually recite it all, I mean, that’s in the car so I’m not going to sing that now…! I have watched Frozen, I can see it’s brilliantly done, I mean for four-year-old-girls, they love it.”

For four-year-old girls AND 48-year-old politicians? It's OK. Your secret’s safe with us, Dave.

Catch the full Cameron vs Cave interview in this week’s heat, out TUESDAY!

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