David Cameron is RELATED to the Kardashians – AND wouldn’t rule out a family reunion!

We had a chat with the ACTUAL PRIME MINISTER and he let slip THIS little gem

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Picture Kris Jenner getting on the blower to David Cameron, the actual Prime Minister of Great Britain. “Daaave?” she’s drawling. “Did you, uh, get my invite for this year’s Kristmas Kard? We want you and Kim in matching ballgowns, but if THAT’S too much to ask…”

Yep, because it turns out David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party and leader of this nation, has a tenuous yet still extremely valid genetic connection to the real Kardashian family.

Speaking to him in this week’s heat magazine, our own Lucie Cave grills Dave on his favourite TV shows – and finds out a rather interesting fact about him.

LC:* Do you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians?*

DC: No but I’m related to them. Did you know I’m 13th cousins with them? That’s close isn’t it?

LC:* Do you want a family reunion?*

DC: I have no plans at the moment!

LC:* We can sort it for you!*

DC: That would be great, thanks.

Amazing. According to our extensive research (well, we googled it and this is what came up), Dave is related to the Kardashian Klan through a shared ancestor called Sir William Spencer, who was born back in 1555 in Oxfordshire.

Posh, huh?

Catch the FULL Cameron vs Cave interview in this week’s heat mag, out today in all the best newsagents.

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