David McIntosh shares NAKED video of himself

Be still our beating, err, pants

David McIntosh

by Georgina Terry |

If you've ever wanted to see sort-of Gladiator, ex-fiance of Kelly Brook and Celebrity Big Brother summer 2014 (the Gary Busey season) contestant David McIntosh TOTALLY NAKED then today is your lucky day, friend.

David has stripped down to the nip for his new clothing range, Raphael, which seems to rather miss the point of modelling clothes. But still, NAKED MAN, woo!

David McIntosh

And if pictures of hot man flesh aren't enough, David's also shared a video.


Our favourite part is when he gives his balls a scratch.

However, it would appear that not everyone is as delighted with Dave's peachy shots as us enlightened sorts at heat. David's posted a message to the haterz, saying: "To the suckers that want to report my stuff… get a life, stop hating and start fantasising."

We're with David on this one. Everyone knows that it's only women's nipples etc that are rude.

In other David McIntosh news… actually we can't think of any.

So let's check out these CBB-related stories instead.

Could Stephen Bear, this summer's winner, be getting his own TV show?

He's been teasing details on Twitter and we would 100% watch whatever vehicle he chooses.

Scotty T, winner of the winter 2016 series, has been caught out telling a MASSIVE WHOPPER. Seriously, who thinks that Scotty's column is a good idea for his, ahem, brand? And we thought that doing panto was a peculiar step for him to take.

And finally, Megan McKenna has BLASTED fans while filming the new series of TOWIE in Marbella. We would not want to be on the wrong side of Megs. Like, ever.

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