David Schwimmer to play Kim Kardashian’s dad in new TV series

Ross Gellar out of Friends will play the late Kardashian in American Crime Story


by Fiona Day |
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David Schwimmer will play the role of Robert Kardashian- the Kardashian kids’ dad- in a new mini series produced by FX.

The series will tell the story of the late lawyer’s role in the OJ Simpson trial- a murder trial which gripped the nation in the mid 90s.

OJ is currently in prison, but was acquitted in the famous murder trial
OJ is currently in prison, but was acquitted in the famous murder trial

The real-life Robert Kardashian (dad to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr) defended the shamed sports star in the infamous trial, which saw Simpson’s shocking acquittal for the murder of his wife Nicole Brown.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy is behind the project, which will also star Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ Simpson.

Kim will not be featured in the mini series

So in a sentence we never thought we’d write: Ross Gellar is Kim Kardashian’s dad.

None of the Kardashian kids will be featured in the project. The series will sadly only have their famous lawyer dad, sadly.

But it still begs the question: Who would play the rest of the Kardashian Klan if it came down to it?

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