Erm, is this a painting of Davina McCall TOPLESS?

Because it sure as hell looks like it…

Davina McCall

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Are there any small children in the room? If so, you may want to cover their eyes… NOW!

Is this a painting of Davina McCall sunbathing TOPLESS in the South of France with a blonde pal? Because we think it might just be.

Nice, erm, beach towel...
Nice, erm, beach towel...


Davina posted a photo of the saucy lookalike to her Instagram page earlier today.

The TV presenter captioned it: "My Mate just seen this painting in France... Remind you of anyone? #evenithinkitlookslikeme"

In fairness, maybe it’s the flattering medium of oil paint, but that half-naked lady’s got a slammin’ body…

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