Dawn French turned down a snog from Harry Styles :(


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We have spent LITERALLY OUR ENTIRE LIVES (since 2010) hoping and praying that one day, somehow, somewhere, we will snog Harry Styles.

We won't tell you the amount of time we've dedicated to daydreaming about it, because it is, quite frankly, a bit creepy.

Clearly Dawn French has a vastly different opinion on the matter, because she TURNED DOWN A SNOG FROM HIM.

U OK hun?

It was apparently because of the 36-year age gap (she's 59 and he's 23). Maybe fair enough.

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It was going to be for Comic Relief.

Some of you may remember that Dawn has kissed the likes of Hugh Grant (FOR FORTY MINUTES IN 1995), Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the charity show – and Harry was suggested as this year's potential snogger.

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During her interview on the GLAMOUR #HeyItsOK podcast, she said: "The first suggestion that comes in to Comic Relief is ‘Who will you be kissing this year?’ and they make some suggestions, like, somebody said ‘What about if we could get Harry Styles to kiss you?'

Harry Styles

"When I kissed Hugh Grant we did make a million quid and the kiss did go on for forty minutes. It went on through the news. What did I catch?

"Anyway, they suggested Harry Styles and I went ‘No hang on, hang on everyone, stop. I’m nearly sixty. This is very unseemly that Harry Styles will be forced into the studio with an old woman and have to kiss her hairy lips!’"

"That’s wrong. I just had to say no to that, no. Let’s think of another idea."

We would like to volunteer ourselves to kiss Harry Styles in Dawn's place. x


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