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The Instagram star has opened up about what she ACTUALLY does every day

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Ever wondered what influencers do all day? Every week we're going to be chatting to famous social media influencers to find out exactly what they do on an average day.

This week we spoke to Instagram influencer Dazhane Leah and she spilled the tea on creating content, where she gets inspiration for her Instagram posts and the one thing she'd do different with her career.

Name: Dazhane Leah

Age: 23 years old

Social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter

Dazhane Leah reveals how she got into influencing

If you have a scroll on Dazhane's Instagram page you'll quickly understand how she's got over 100k followers.

Her Instagram page is literally GOALS. You know when you want your Insta to look aesthetically pleasing? Dazhane has got it down to a T. From outfit photos, nail inspiration and interior design she's making us want her life.

And it turns out it was her job before she went into full-time influencing that helped her build her following.

"I fell into influencing during university but I always had a passion for fashion and content creation and also studied fashion photography at uni so the way I was introduced to influencing was quite natural.

"I had no idea it was even a job and I was so naive to the industry at first!"

She went on to say, "I used to work part-time American Apparel during my time at university.

"One thing that was cool about working there is the fact that American Apparel was quite social media savvy, they really encouraged their employee's to post OOTD's onto Instagram and they'd repost it."

"Without me even knowing anything about influencing I'd just post my daily work outfits and I started to grow an audience from there," Dazhane explained.

And it turns out that outfit photos managed to gain Dazhane the right followers too.

"My audience are just people who love fashion, lifestyle and/or tech.

"I hope I'm able to show them that if I can do it, anyone can and they're just riding with me on my journey being in my 20s."

"I aim to post my Instagram photos at 5"

Influencing is Dazhane's full-time job and because of that each day is slightly different to the next.

"Although my days vary, I try to stick to a routine. On an ideal day I'd wake up, do a bit of exercise, cook breakfast, make an iced coffee and start working from 9am-5pm.

"In between that time I can do anything from emails, moodboarding, going out to shoot content, pick out outfits for future shoots, meetings...

"The list can really go on but I aim to post my Instagram photos at 5 then my evenings are spent cooking dinner and doing self care."

"I limit myself to 2 looks each shoot day"

As for shooting her Instagram posts, she actually likes to set aside certain days to capture the perfect photos.

"On an average week, I'd try to fit in at least 3 content days where I am able to shoot both sponsored and organic content.

"If my hair and make-up turns out how I want it to then usually shoot days will last 2 hours - that's picture and video content - however because I usually shoot with either my mum or my friend, it's usually way longer because a lot of the time is spent talking and catching up," she joked.

"I limit myself to 2 looks each shoot day which means I should have 6 Instagram pictures to upload. However, I don't always upload them all because I'm extremely picky.

"Some days are more hands on than others. I usually aim to have 2 days doing 'admin' which is usually replying to emails, zoom calls and basically anything that involves sitting at a desk."

"I usually bring out my iPad and scroll endlessly on Pinterest"

As for her downtime, Dazhane spends it browsing on Pinterest for inspiration on future content.

"Over the weekends when I have time to chill out, I usually bring out my iPad and scroll endlessly on Pinterest.

"I love that app for visual inspiration and I find it really easy to navigate and group things together so I know the vibes I'm going for when I shoot whether that be outfit, location or poses."

Now when it comes to editing her photos, Dazhane credits Lightroom and says it's "an absolute game changer".

"I use it to edit my photography work but comes in a mobile version so you can edit your Instagram content too."

Dazhane Leah gives her tips on growing social media followers

There's a lot of people who want to become an influencer and Dazhane has revealed how she recommends growing Instagram followers.

"It sounds cliché but honestly it pays off just being yourself and staying consistent. You will absolutely burn out if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons or have little passion for it.

"Every job has its pros and cons so just be aware of that. Also not every job is for you, its ok to turn things down that are probably better suited for someone else".

"Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself to brands"

When it comes to signing with a management company she said, "Absolutely know your worth and stick to it when it comes to brands and management.

"Nobody knows your worth more than you so don't ever let anyone dictate that. Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself to brands either, some of my biggest jobs have come from me doing that."

Now by looking at Dazhane's Instagram you'll probably think she hires a photographer but it turns out she gets her friends to take them.

"I have an amazing management team and my photos are usually taken by friends but everything else is pretty much all me," she explained.

"The only thing I’d go back and change is not being as fearful to post"

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Dazhane's plans for 2021

Dazhane also revealed the most surprising thing that has come from influencing, "Working and representing brands I used to dream of wearing or am using their products but couldn't afford when I was younger.

"It’s always a pinch me moment and I’ll never ever get used to it," she gushed.

And she's been brutally honest and admitted that she wishes she was more confident earlier on in her career.

"The only thing I’d go back and change is not being as fearful to post whatever I want because of fear of judgement, I definitely don't care as much anymore".

We're halfway through 2021 (we're shook about this) and it seems that Dazhane has some plans up her sleeve.

"I'm really big on working hard and manifesting, so I know whatever 2021 brings me will be perfectly aligned and probably something I wrote on my manifestation list.

"I don't like to talk about things until they've fully manifested so watch this space," she teased.

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