Demi Lovato is the latest victim of the nude photo leak scandal

This has got to stop


by Hannah Mellin |
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Singer Demi Lovato is reportedly the latest celebrity to have her private photographs leaked online. This disgusting invasion of privacy comes just a week after Emma Watson was targeted by an anonymous hacker and intimate photos of Amanda Seyfriend and her boyfriend were leaked online.

A PRIVATE photograph of Demi is believed to have been released on the web and has apparently made its way onto pornographic sites.

And this isn't the first time Demi has been targeted by hackers; three years ago Demi was a victim of 'The Fappening', a mass attack on celebrities' iCloud accounts.


C'mon apple, please do something about your iCloud privacy.

Back in October, Demi took to Twitter to announce that 'she's so excited' to step away from the glare of the media and honestly admitted that she doesn't think she's 'meant for this business' after coming under fire for her comments about Taylor Swift.

When she was questioned on the whole T Swizzle vs Katy Perry dramzzz, Demi honestly admitted that she felt Taylor was 'trying to tear down' Katy Perry.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, right? Just like everyone is entitled to some privacy.

She wrote: "So excited for 2017. Taking a break from music and the spotlight.. I am not meant for this business and the media."

And after a fan questioned whether she would come back, she replied: "Dunno. It doesn't feel worth it anymore. I'd rather do charity work tbh."

We hope this worrying trend of violating women's rights stops soon. Just because these people are in the public eye, does not mean their private photos should be circulated.

And we when we say people, let's be clear, it's overwhelmingly women who are being targeted and the big phone providers need to figure out a way to up their privacy game.

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