Demi Lovato rushed to hospital with ‘significant’ breathing difficulties

A concerned friend sought medical help for the star

by Owen Tonks |
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Demi Lovato was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after experiencing significant breathing difficulties.

A friend of the singer took her to the emergency room at Providence Tarzana Medical Center in California, according to TMZ.

Doctors performed a number of tests and decided the problem was flu-related and prescribed a variety of different medications.

Demi is understood to have remained in hospital on Tuesday and has been quiet on social media since.

The star has been inundated with well wishes from fans after they heard the news.

One person tweeted: “Literally all I read was ‘Demi Lovato rushed to ER’ and my heart stopped….my baby girl is sick. Get well soon muffin head.”

Another person wrote: “I hope everything is okay. Get well soon, beautiful. Make sure to get lots of rest and I’ll definitely pray for you. I love you.”

Get well soon, Demi!

GALLERY: Demi Lovato's puppy buddy


Demi Lovato's puppy Buddy

Ermahgerd!1 of 18


Too much!2 of 18

Too much!

Jeez...3 of 18


Can't. Stop. Looking.4 of 18

Can't. Stop. Looking.

So much Buddy love!5 of 18

So much Buddy love!

He woke up like this6 of 18

He woke up like this



He's smiling! He's actually smiling!8 of 18

He's smiling! He's actually smiling!

Enjoying a grande, quad, non-fat, one-pump, no-whip, mocha, eh?9 of 18

Enjoying a grande, quad, non-fat, one-pump, no-whip, mocha, eh?

Nice sweater...10 of 18

Nice sweater...

Incredible11 of 18


So, so soft12 of 18

So, so soft

Buddy's first dressing room!13 of 18

Buddy's first dressing room!

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a bag?14 of 18

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a bag?

Catching up on some Zzzzzzzz15 of 18

Catching up on some Zzzzzzzz

The paws! The tiny paws!16 of 18

The paws! The tiny paws!

Buddy's first Christmas!17 of 18

Buddy's first Christmas!

EEK!18 of 18


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