These Dermot O’Leary facts will DELIGHT and AMAZE you

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Dermot presented The X Factor for 8 years

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• His full birth name is Sean Dermot Fintan O'Leary and he is very proud of his Irish roots.

• Dermot beat Justin Timberlake and Ewan Mcgregor in People magazine's top 40 sexiest man alive poll 2008 - Hugh Jackman won.

• He was *GQ'*s most stylish man of the year in 2012.

• The returning X Factor host apparently always kisses his window every night before bed (what the hell - how does something like that even become a thing?).

Dermot O\\\'Leary speaks to Sarah Powell for heat Radio

• He was one of the last people to interact with Michael Jackson, at the press conference for Jackson's series of London concerts for the This Is It tour.

• He played American football as a teenager for Colchester Gladiators and ran the London marathon in under four hours. Speedy!

• Dermot's an advocate for the Make Poverty History campaign and a patron of male cancer awareness charity Everyman.

• Wikipedia once stated in his bio that he was a member of 90s pop group Steps. LOL.

• He's taller than the average celebrity by 0.5 inches.

• If he had to sleep with anyone from previous Big Brother series it would be Nadia Almada. Apparently.

• Dermot wants his funeral song to be Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy

• He was an usher at Holly Willoughby's wedding.

• Dermot once said Simon Cowell is a "nice and tender hugger".

Dermot O'Leary

• He was a member of the chess society at Middlesex University where he gained a 2:2 in media and politics after only gaining two GCSEs at school.

• And finally, he really REALLY likes taking photos of his cat.

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