Has Dermot O’Leary just given away The X Factor judges’ categories?

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by Laura Donaldson |
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Dermot O’Leary has only been back on The X Factor for a matter of weeks but it looks like he’s already spilling secrets.

On last night’s Xtra Factor it seems that the host of the main show let slip the categories of the two of the judges…a secret which is normally heavily guarded and teased endlessly before being officially announced. Whoops!

Now reports that during a phone interview with Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmondson, Dermot revealed to reveal that this year SPOILER ALERTS Sharon Osbourne is looking after the Overs category, whilst Simon Cowell has got the Girls.

“I’m currently in that there Los Angeles filming judges houses,” he said. “We’ve done Sharon’s house and The Overs, and then today I’m on the way to Simon’s place and we’re gonna do the reveal of which three girls make it through.”

Ummm…Dermot are you sure you meant to say that?! Thank god he’s LITERALLY just signed a deal to stay on the show for another three years eh?

Rylan quickly tried to cover the situation by pointing out: “Couple of unofficial spoilers there!”

Dermot also tried to swiftly strange the subjectm saying : "That’s the weirdest thing, your life is peppered with unofficial spoilers the minute the show is aired. You’re living in your own reality.

“I said to the newsagent, ‘Oh, so-and-so’s brilliant, they get through to…’, and then I stopped myself. Just a paper and a milk please.”

Great save!

After dropping that massive bombshell Dermot had some time left in his interview to say how happy he is to be back on the show.

He said: “It feels great. I’ve really, really enjoyed this year. It’s been one of my most enjoyable years.

“Part of that is being away for a year, so it feels a bit more energised. But from day one the panel just clicked and everyone got on really well. We just decided to have fun from the start.”

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