Diddy cropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of this picture and we cannot cope


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It's been a week since the Met Gala, but we still can't stop talking about it tbh. We're still mulling over why on earth Jaden Smith rocked up clutching a handful of his own dreadlocked hair, and we've been discussing how nawty all those celebs smoking in the bathroom were. Board members and donors to the Met Gala are apparently seriously pissed off.

We've also been a bit obsessed with Kylie Jenner's celeb-filled and rule-breaking bathroom mirror snap.

The Gala has a VERY STRICT no selfies policy, but little rebel Kylie took one anyway and captioned the snap: "Annual bathroom selfie."


But now another picture has caught our attention and instead of celebs practically queueing and bundling each other to get in a picture with Kylie, Diddy (formerly Puff Daddy, then P Diddy now apparently just Diddy – we can't keep up) cropped her and Kendall Jenner out of a group shot. Lololol.

Here’s Kylie's picture:


And Here's Diddy's:



The shameless crop didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter.

See, even the Kardashian/Jenner's can fall victim to a cold, hard crop.

In other hilarious Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala news, did you see these pictuteres of the youngest Kardashian looking bored AF with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

Check them out here.


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