Diplo throws Katy Perry major shade over \*that\* sex rating

More shade than a bloody parasol

Diplo and Katy Perry

by Carl Smith |

So you know how Katy Perry did that Witness World Wide live stream to promote her new album, um, Witness and discussed all things CELEB EX SEX with James Corden? Well now - after ranking ex-lovers including Orlando Bloom, John Mayer and Diplo in order of their bedroom skills - the latter's thrown some major shade KP's way in return.

Yup - clapping right back Diplo reckons he 'doesn't remember' doing the horizontal Hokey Cokey and joked he picked up 'bronze' in the 'sex Olympics.'


Right, here's the deal. Katy was basically joined by James for a special version of The Late Late Show with James Corden skit Spill Her Guts when talk turned to some of her famous exes' bedroom antics.

Ranking them in order of performance, KP said: "From best to worst in bed - this is working on the notion that they’re all good - John Mayer, Diplo and Orlando Bloom."


And Diplo's response? Er, not the most complimentary. After initially joking 'I won the bronze metal in sex Olympics,' he tweeted one news outlet reporting the story claiming: "I don't even remember having sex."


If you missed Katy's original comments, you might wanna watch this. Your turn, KP.


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