Lololol Jess Shears and Dom Leaver are being trolled over their SOFA

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Jess and DOm

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We have had acrylic nails on longer than Love Island couple Jess Shears and Dom Leaver have known each other, yet the couple are ticking off every relationship milestone in one fell-swoop.

Jess 'n' Dom announced their engagement, released s-s-steamy couple photos and wore 'his and hers' jumpers which was brutally trolled by Professor Green.

Jess Shears


We are currently placing bets* on Jess and Dom having five children and sharing a Tesco Clubcard by Christmas.


Now, in the next installment of 'Jom', the pair have bought a sofa for their new home, which has left the internet v. confused.

Can you spot what's wrong with the below?

Jess and DOm

Jess posted to her 1.2 million followers, "So our house is starting to look like a home," she captioned the shot. "Absolutely in love with our new sofa from @lovemysofa. Thanks to my girl @Maddisonsantamaria for all the help and advice."

Users commented, 'Shame it [the sofa] covers the door so you can't get in.'

Another responded, 'What is the practicality of the door being there though?'

One joked, 'How are they going to open the door lol.'

GOOD QUESTION, INTERNET. Maybe it's just a cupboard. Maybe they are still stuck in their living room and we should call someone to help.

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